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This is because the sound waves go through them with no echoes.The person performing the scan (sonographer) will look at these different shades to interpret the images.An ultrasound scan sends sound waves through your womb (uterus). The echoes are then turned into an image on a screen that shows your baby’s position and movements.Hard tissues, such as bone, reflect the most sound waves and so make the biggest echoes.If you need any additional, special scans, these will be carried out by a doctor who is trained in ultrasound (fetal medicine specialist). Fetal anomaly screening programme standards: 2015 to 2016 NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme. If you’re having a scan in early pregnancy, you’ll need to drink a few glasses of water beforehand. If you consent, you may also be scanned by someone who is training in ultrasound, under the direct supervision of a qualified sonographer.

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Your first scan can be very exciting because it gives you a first glimpse of your baby.

Your sonographer may even print out the image of your baby and give it to you as a keepsake.

In Portorosa, oltre ad una grandiosa piscina immersa nel verde ed un'ampia spiaggia attrezzata, un efficiente centro commerciale offre al turista una vastissima gamma di servizi: supermercato, bar, piano bar, ristoranti e pizzerie, boutiques, bazar, noleggio auto e barche (vela o motore) di varie dimensioni con o senza skipper.

Portorosa: un punto di partenza per i più svariati itinerari artistici nelle località più belle della Sicilia (isole Eolie, Teatro Greco di Tindari, Taormina, Etna).

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Most experts agree that scans should only be performed by a qualified healthcare professional.