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Mastutbation chat

I just got prescribed zoloft so im considering trying that to see if it can stop all of this.

I've seen one therapist and he proved to be pretty useless.

Twice a day, while perhaps more than most of us could handle, is not, in my humble opinion, of any medical OR emotional concern.

I have GAD mostly, not PD I've blamed numerous things i eat and do on why ive gotten anxiety but eliminating them doesnt seem to help.... I'm still going to attempt taking a break from it to see if i feel any different, but i'm guessing i'll have a hard time making it past like 3 days or so. Honestly i feel no guilt over masturbation, i love doing it and have always considered it a really normal behavior.

I just try to find things that may possibly be cause my anxiety and eliminate them as i still haven't come to terms with the fact that i've created this sensitized state for myself.

feel free to keep us updated on how your Anxiety is doing. there have been no studies that show any harm in masterbation! if masterbation is the way you deal with anxiety, then you may want to work on your anxiety issues first.

People use different methods to cope with anxiety/Panic.

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Please get into some therapy so you needn't hate writing out the story over and over. Peace Greenlydia Hi there, yeah i remember your username as well.

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