Why can t i login on xhookup with my yahoo account Adult chatrolete

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If you forgot your password, be sure to change your password to a strong one that you'll remember after you're in.When you try to sign in from a device, program, or location that we haven't seen you use before, we may ask you to enter an Account Key (sent to your recovery phone or email) to verify that it's really you.So, after I've tried to sign in with the id and password that I know that are right(because I've used the email like 2 days ago), it suddently wants to verify that it's me the one that tries to sing in, and they're trying to send a verification code to my mail.(I think it's the 2 step verification but I never used one, nor asked for one, so I guess that my account has been stolen).The thing is that, I can't see that code because, duh, I can't sign in. To protect your account from unauthorized access, my Nabors automatically closes its connection to the servers after a period of inactivity. Java Script must be enabled to view and use all the features of this website.I've tried to sign in with yahoo messenger, but it says that the password in incorrect, so I guess I was right, my account has been stolen. I don't care if I have to use unorthodox methods, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I followed the link and did what you said and they page it took me to wont let me ask anything without logging in and I am unable to log in. I keep getting an error that the account is not able to be found but I continue to get email to the account through both mine and my husbands email apps on our phones. Was prompted to change my password and now every single time I try to sign in it doesn't recognize my password and I have to go through the "forgot my password" link and process.

So don t clik on 'sign in', PRESS ENTER many times - this worked for me at least. Yahoo asked me to use my phone number I used in China for verification course it couldn't work because that phone number cannot operate in Rwanda .therefore, I would like to ask you your help in order to access my email .thank you so much .Good luck :)Go to this page to contact customer care, fill the form and wait for the answer : locale=en_CA&y=PROD_ACCT&page=contact Select password and sign in Select forgot secret questions and answers Click on the envelope Fill the form Good luck Hello everyone, My problem was as follow: Fill in ID and password and clik on 'sign in', MANY TIMES AND NOTHING HAPPENED (about 10x), after appears the RED MESSAGE (ID or pass is incorrect). I have phone net-connection and it did not work on the first ID either.If you weren't successful with Yahoo Sign-in Helper or the other options above, you likely won't be able to recover your account.If you remember your sign-in information later, you can come back and try again.

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